Tyler and I teamed up Sunday for a great sunset engagement session down by the river. The air was warm and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Everything was in place for a gorgeous session. It is always a treat when the weather cooperates and we get to take full creative advantage of a proper sunset. We have been taking pictures long enough that we can make any lighting or weather situation work for us when it comes to a photo shoot, but we can do so much more creatively when we're not fighting the elements. Here, we were able to work with the light and play up its different qualities, from showcasing the dramatic glow to using the very soft light as the sun started sinking below the horizon. There was so much creative opportunity. This is why we always strongly recommend shooting right at sunset for our couple shoots!

Kara and Colin had a clear vision for the setting of their photos. They wanted the water and the rocks. Tyler and I had never been to this particular spot on the river. It was quite the adventure walking along the pipeline and climbing over rocks but well worth it. I was struck by nature's beauty from the way the light played on the water, to the tall grass in the river and the view of the city. This is definitely a location we will be recommending for future sessions!

We are so pleased with how these photos turned out and we cannot wait to celebrate these two at their wedding this coming spring. And we cannot wait to use this location by the river again! Take a look below to see a few more of our favorites from Sunday's session.