This wedding was a first for us in a few ways and pleasantly familiar in many other ways. Our fist wedding out of state, our first ceremony to go over an hour but our last with an amazing family we've had the pleasure to work with for all three of their daughters' wedding days. We had a lot of fun bopping from location to location, trolley rides and different venues. Weddings in an urban setting like Pittsburgh are just a bit more exciting. There's the vibrancy of regular city life going on while you try to slow down and capture the solemn elegance of a wedding day. We weren't the only out of towners for this event and that's pretty special too when a bunch of people choose to travel to the same place to celebrate those they love.

When we asked the bride, Grace, what she most wanted captured on her day she had a great answer, "I want photos that really capture our child-like excitement, humor, and the fun we have together." We ask this question to all of our clients and everyone answers it so differently. It really helps pin down expectations and gives insight into how they see themselves. It lets you know what's really close to their heart. This wedding was all high energy and no stress. From Grace's dance party with her bridesmaids while getting ready, to the celebratory cheer after saying I-Do, to the reception with conga lines, chicken games and a rotating neon orange cowboy hat, this wedding was full of moments to capture.

Grace and Nick's day was full of family and full of fun but was balanced with the solemnity of their faith. Traditional ceremonies can be a bit of a challenge for us to capture. There are often restrictions on where we can physically go in the church, what equipment we can use, and the ceremonies can be long, testing the capabilities of our gear. Their ceremony was over an hour and really tested the far reaches of performance for our video set up but capturing every moment was essential. Grace and Nick built their relationship on the foundation of their shared faith so there was no way we were going to miss capturing any part of their ceremony.

Grace was the last of her sister's to get married and after working with her family so much over the last year we really felt comfortable around everyone. At the end you kind of had this feeling of "What now?" Even the father of the bride said, "I feel like we should keep meeting up once a year after this." That sentiment felt true to us as well. It has been a privilege to be trusted with so many big days for one family. It reminds us of importance of our jobs and the ability of photography to bring people together.

We'll be taking a little time off for September but we've got some engagements coming up in October and our wedding season isn't over yet! We've got two more weddings this November! Keep scrolling below to see more from Grace and Nick's wedding day.