Every wedding is a little bit the same. There's always getting ready, walking down the aisle, speeches, dances, etc. But at the same time, they're also very different from one to the next. Everyone handles the excitement of the day differently. Every couple has their own unique bond and its always so interesting figuring that out and trying to capture it in the photos. Nicole and Mark were a lot of fun on their day. They don't take themselves too seriously and you can tell they've got big hearts within 10 minutes of meeting them. I just finished designing their keepsake album and when it came to selecting photos to include in the design, I was overwhelmed with the amount of photos where the bride was glowing with a smile that was just so bright and sincere. 9 times out of 10 that smile was directed at the groom and he was beaming right back. We truly are so lucky to have our jobs be witnessing such expressions of joy and love and putting it into a photo.

Some of our favorite photos from the day are actually candids. Every photographer has a different mode of working. Tyler and I like to keep things simple and directions to a minimum. There is really only one time the entire wedding day where we will formally pose people: for family portraits. Even for the mini shoot of the bride and groom, we don't impose too much. We give a little guidance so you're not standing there awkwardly, ("Walk this way." or "Look at each other.") but that's about it.

We try to be mindful that while everyone wants beautiful photos documenting their day, couples still have to be present in mind and in mood to enjoy the celebrations and to make the memories we're trying to capture.

This photo stood out to me from all of the rest. Just a brief moment during the bride and groom's first dance where Nicole took a second to whisper something. Nothing was posed for this image. It was simply captured in the fleeting moment when it happened and now they'll always have this memory of what was whispered that day and this photo will be a stand in for all the whispered moments to come.

Another favorite and completely candid! A wild embrace after cutting the cake. And we just love how their name is projected behind them. In this photo I can see how much fun Nicole and Mark have with each other and how fiercely they care for each other. This photo speaks better to how they really feel than any of the beautiful, more composed photos from earlier in the day.

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